The cost-effective alternative to custom orthotics

Nature-Fit vs the Competition

Other orthotic products have one of two limitations: either their padded, inflexible designs don’t allow arch pronation when weight is placed straight down on the foot, or they aren’t strong enough to provide the corrective support the arch requires.

Nature-Fit Orthotics are the exception. With them, the arch moves downward (pronates) when weight is placed straight down on the foot in the process of walking or running. When the weight comes off the arch, it moves upward as nature intended. What’s more, they deliver firm support to effectively control and correct the foot’s alignment.

Nature-Fit Orthotics

The key is Nature-Fit’s PerFLEXionTMtechnology, featuring:

  • Ultra-thin (1 mm), no-padding design to fit all shoes.
  • Breakthrough injection-molded, polymer material that’s 100% weight-bearing and virtually unbreakable.

Unlike custom orthotics, Nature-Fit Orthotics require no castings, which means your patients can walk out of your office with immediate solutions at a reasonable cost.  What's more, these semi-rigid orthotics are so economical, patients will want several pairs.

Nature-Fit. Orthotics the Way Nature Intended.TM